Remove CircleCI from Github repo

I’ve added CircleCI to one of my projects, however now I don’t want to test or build with CircleCI anymore.
So I set CircleCI to not build my project anymore. And the deploy key was gone from Github repo settings.

Now, when I try to merge one branch on Github, it shows me that circleCI build had failed… :neutral_face:

Seems that Github can’t see that I’ve stopped to build on CircleCI

How can I remove completely CircleCI from my repo?

On GitHub, go to repo settings, Webhooks and Services, and delete the CircleCi webhook.

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Go to your git hub profile. Then navigate to Settings->Applications.
Now click Revoke for Circle CI
That should do something :slight_smile:

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lol, you beat me to it

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Do what drazisil says. My instructions should work if you are a collaborator on someone else’s project, that has CI

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The problem is that in webhook or deploy key section there is no CircleCI at all!
It was removed but github still ask to CircleCI to build my repo…

It’s weird…

Another thing: In my CircleCI home panel it says me that I have not CircleCI repo

Hm. Check your protected branch settings then, wonder if GitHub is still trying to use the webhook as a required check even when it’s been deleted.

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Hi, no, the branch was not protected.

Thanks! this did it for me

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