Unfollow/Refollow GitHub Project in CircleCI bungles Webhook

When I first follow a GitHub project from inside CircleCI, it created the webhook for me inside GitHub. After unfollowing the GitHub project in CircleCI, the webhook was deleted and that’s expected.

When I refollow the project in CircleCI, I see a new CircleCI deploy key added to the GitHub project, however, no new webhook is re-added. I should note this is a project under an organization account in GitHub. When I try the same steps above with a public repo of mine, the webhook gets added without any issues.

I then tried recreating the webhook manually in GitHub but not sure what to add for the secret.

Payload URL is: https://circleci.com/hooks/github
Secret: ??

Is there any documentation and/or settings in CircleCI dashboard where this can be obtained?


I’m having the same problem as well, how do I add the webhook back?

@bithavoc I retried a couple of days later and it worked. The secret is CircleCI information that you nor I will ever get. If it doesn’t work for you in that time frame, best alternative is to take the repo under another user/organization in GitHub.