Free plan reduced to 200 minutes monthly


My organization has been using the circleCI marketplace for the past few months. We are now experiencing warnings that we are approaching our maximum build minutes. It appears our build minutes have been reduced to 250 minutes per month, down from the standard 1000.

I wonder if there is a bug here? A similar report:

I would suggest raising a ticket for this.

Hello @jvanst and @halfer,

This is a recent change to how the 1000 minutes/month are allocated. Each account still has 1000 minutes/month, only now they are allocated to 250 minutes/week. That is what you are seeing in the Usage UI screenshot above.

From our Changelog:

FREE minutes shift to 250/week
Customers on FREE plans will notice a change in how their monthly minutes are allocated. Customers will retain 1,000 FREE minutes per month and will receive them in increments of 250 minutes per week. This will allow customers to budget credits in a more manageable way while aligning with a Mon - Fri work week.

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