Free plan - Where to check the ' build minutes per month'?


I’m testing Circle CI for 2 weeks already and I could not trigger a new build/deploy by pushing in my github repo. It might be related to the ’ build minutes per month’ usage.
How could I make it clear ?

Hello @fonzarely,

You should see your plan details, including usage, under the organization settings page.

So for me, that would be:

If you have any questions about your plan, please feel free to reach out to

Best, Zak


Thanks a lot !

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Apparently, the API endpoint for plan data is broken.

Ah, interesting. I’d had problems with getting build minutes but the problem went away automagically.

I am not sure if it was a CircleCI hiccup, or whether my NoScript was getting in the way of something.

I have this issue too, but from my Organization Settings I don’t see a number for my build minutes. I am also on the free plan. Does anyone know how to fix this? I wondered if it would show up in a month, but I’ve now been using circle ci for over a year…

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Yep, it’s broken again - I have reported the new problem.

If you are worried that you might be reaching your minutes limit, you could write a script to fetch build information from the CircleCI API (assuming that is working, heh!). I would hope that would contain run-times per build, and then you could paginate through a month’s worth and add them all up. A bit fiddly, but I imagine this is not a high-priority bug to fix.

Out of interest, what browser/OS are you using? I did wonder if it is a browser-specific problem. I am on Firefox 56 on GNU/Linux Mint 18.

The build minutes still seems to be displayed, but I am not seeing a new entry for the current month. I have:

Period Usage
Dec 01 - Jan 01 10h 40m 16s
Nov 01 - Dec 01 12h 38m 24s
Oct 01 - Nov 01 6h 39m 49s

I would expect to see a Jan 01 - Feb 01 entry already, since we’re past Jan 01. Does a new year counter need a smack? :smiley_cat: No rush, it’s not that important.

… and the build minutes are now displaying for January 2018. I guess this was fixed yesterday or today, perhaps even automagically! :sparkles: