Plan Overview AJAX ops seem to be crashing with 500 errors


I am visiting the<user>/settings page, titled Plan Overview. I am expecting to see my minutes usage, but this does not appear.

I guess this is due to some on-page AJAX POST calls to which are returning 500 errors. The JSON response is:

["^ ","~:status","~:unavailable","~:message","Channel in TRANSIENT_FAILURE state"]

This has worked for me in the past. I am running Firefox 56 on Mint Linux with NoScript installed. I believe I have whitelisted the necessary domains.

It may be relevant that I get this JS error:

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Line Number 1, Column 1

Let me know if you need further info to get to the root cause of this.

Free plan - Where to check the ' build minutes per month'?

Is this information available elsewhere, perhaps in an official API or an unofficial internal AJAX endpoint? I am fairly sure I am well under my allowances, but it would be nice to make sure.

I guess I could fetch all my builds for the month and, assuming they contain runtime data, add all the runtimes up?


Still seeing same issue here. 500s from the query api and no minutes shown.


And… it’s back. The “XML Parsing Error” is a red herring, I still get that. The key AJAX call seems to be<user>/plan, which is now populated with some data, woop! :champagne: