Customer support request form is broken

Every time I try to create a new support request from the CircleCI dashboard, it fails to submit the ticket and says “Please try again”. Looking at the console in Chrome reveals a 500 level error on the submitted ajax request with the message:

"Response to Zendesk\API\Tickets::create is not valid. Call $client->getDebug() for details

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I’ve got the same issue.

Thank you for reporting this and sharing the debug info. I’ve created a bug report for this in our backlog.

+1, same issue here too

same issue for me too +1

Thank you everyone for reporting this issue! I am working with both and Zendesk to get to the bottom of the probelm.

In the meantime please feel free to either ask your question here, or email us.

We believe we have resolved the issue and the in-app support button should be fully functional. Thank you for your patience. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, please email us at sayhi@ and we will follow up.

I will write up a post mortem soon.

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