Experimental: Orb Badges

Hey People,

Status badges are a very common thing to display in GitHub readmes. Badges have started to be used for other things as well. For example, NPM provides badges for each package that shows the current npm package version right in your readme file. I thought it would be cool to create badges for CircleCI Orbs.

Here’s what an Orb Badge looks like for our Slack orb:

I made orb badges by combining the amazing Shields.io service and a small custom backend written in Go.

How to create an Orb Badge


The basic usage is to replace <namespace> and <orb-name> in the following URL with your orb’s namespace and name.


The Markdown or HTML around it still needs to be applied.


To simply this, the homepage for my orb badge server has a generator. Fill in the two fields and it will generate your badge Markdown for you. Here’s the Orb Badge Generator page.


The Orb Badge server is an experimental project. It’s hosted on circleci.io, an experimental site and not circleci.com the official production site. This means how orb badges work can change or simply be shutdown and isn’t provided under any SLA by CircleCI.

If enough people use this feature/like this feature, perhaps this will become an official CircleCI feature in the future.


Love it! Can you make sure to add a https://circleci.com/ideas/ feature request too, as those are tracked better then on Discuss?

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Good idea. Created one: https://circleci.com/ideas/?idea=CCI-I-943

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