New Orb Version Badge Endpoint

Hello all!

Today I’m very excited to announce that we have made our new orb badge service available through our developer hub platform. Previously, orb badges were done using in combination with a service written and maintained by @FelicianoTech. While this worked, it resulted in messy and long URLs, while being beholden to two separate services. With this new endpoint, we are unifying the process and giving us more flexibility should we want to produce badges for other Developer Hub related projects.


As before, usage is as simple as including the image URL within your GitHub README.

![Orb Version Badge](

Orb Version Badge

The badge itself is identical to the existing version, but with a more concise URL.

Deprecation of Existing Endpoint

The existing endpoint will continue to run until further notice, but we do encourage users to move to the new endpoint as we are treating this new endpoint as a replacement and will be removing the existing service in the future.

The existing endpoint’s source code can be found here: felicianotech/orb-badge-server.