Disabling of status updates in GH for workflows not triggered by a GH webhook


Would it be possible to only have status updates returned to GitHub when the workflow was triggered via the webhooks from GitHub? We have several projects that are integrated with Contentful, but have code residing in GitHub. When Contentful content changes and triggers a workflow via the CircleCI API, GitHub receives the status updates. This is somewhat undesirable for us since the code itself hasn’t changed.

Just wondering if there is some secret URL query param that I could add on the Contentful trigger side that would suppress sending the updates back to GH for those jobs. If not, could there be that or a CircleCI project setting or maybe a setting in the .circleci/config.yml in the repo?

To be clear, we still want the status updates to be returned to GitHub when code is changed. This would only apply to when an API request triggers the workflow on a branch.