Unable to trigger build on pull request being updated

At first, I had my webhook set up in github to trigger with only pull request option enabled. This worked on creation of the PR, however if the jobs failed and I added another commit to that same open PR, the build would not rerun. I have resolved this by enabling the push event trigger in addition to the PR trigger in the github webhook settings and also changed the advanced settings in circleCI to only build on pull requests. This works, however now anytime code is pushed, even when a PR is not open, circleCI will populate an entry in my dash showing “not run” status. This can get very annoying as there may be many pushes to update code in a specific branch and each of those pushes would show a new entry in circleci with status not run. I would like to hide this somehow or disable the push trigger setting in github while triggering a build when updating an open PR. I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out so any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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