Trigger CI *also* when PR created

I’ve change the parameter “Only build pull requests” to false so I can run CI on every commit push.
It seems that it is running on every push but now not when opening new PR :frowning:

Do you have any idea how to fix it?

The first key question is which repo platform are you using as the operation of this setting is repo-dependent.

Its interaction with PRs also depends on an API level setting as detailed in this section of the docs. This API-based feature also has its own repo platform limitations.

Not sure I understand, I’m using Github and the repo is private.
Do I need to create web-hooks to solve it?

The docs do have a habit of being ‘focused’ on certain user cases. The link I provided may be titled “Build open source projects” but they are also the main source of detail regarding the use of the “Only build pull requests” option.

If you using Github you will need to work out if you are authorized through the GitHub OAuth app or the CircleCI GitHub App as the level of support is different between the 2 solutions.

The support refer me to this, that solving my problem:

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