Attach GitHub status of another project's build onto this project PR

Hello all!

I really appreciate any input on this topic.

The end result I’m interested in is having two GitHub statuses on project A’s PR.

  1. the standard GitHub status resulting from project A’s build
  2. the GitHub status of a project B build which is manually triggered via CircleCI API, and customised with parameter X

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!


A potential re-phrase of this question may be:

Provided I use a “notify” construct at the end of project B’s circle.yml which notifies an external system, which in turn updates project A’s PR GitHub status.

How do I make sure that this build of project B that I’ve triggered does not update its own GitHub status? Because that’s something I wouldn’t want.

Thanks again!


I may have reduced the question to this:

  • How do I disable Chat notifications for a specific API-triggered build?