Waiting for status to be reported



CircleCI integration on my Github repository was working fine but since I made a new pull request, I’m always getting the message “Waiting for status to be reported” on all pull requests and no build are run on Circle dashboard.

I tried the 3 steps @levlaz described here :

  • I removed the webhook on Github (there was nothing in the “Integrations & Services” section);
  • I unfollow/refollow the project on CircleCI. I even try to remove the project from CircleCI dashboard and rebuild it;
  • I also tried to add the CircleCI “Service” on Github.

You can see on this 2 followings pull requests that we still have the “Waiting for status to be reported” message :

I think this problem appears after creating the pull request #824 which is about changing our test process by using a submodule.

Any idea ?


It appears that we have this problem only with my personal fork. My colleagues pull requests with their fork trigger new builds but not mine. I have to launch manually a build from the section Project Settings > Test Commands on the concerned branch and the build status will be updated.


I was having what I think was a similar problem after adding Codecov integration. This was helpful for me: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/workflows-waiting-status/.