CircleCI reports 'Waiting for status to be reported'

Hi! I’m new to the forum. We use CircleCI to test the PlayCanvas game engine. This was all working great, but around a month ago, we began having problems with PRs. For example, check out this one:

As you can see, we’re getting two entries for CircleCI:

They’re called ci/circleci (which never runs/completes) and ci/circleci: build (which does run/complete as expected).

The config.yml in that repo is version 2. Should we upgrade that to 2.1?

Since we started having this problem, I’ve had to use Admin rights to force merge.

Sorry if this all sounds obvious. I’m personally new to CircleCI configuration (it was set up by somebody who’s no longer on my team). Thanks in advance! :smile:

Hello and welcome!

You may need to make sure the ci/circleci check is unchecked, as it will never report back with a status. You can follow the instructions to do this from this support center article:

Thank you @annapamela - that fixed it!

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