"ci/circleci — Waiting for status to be reported" on inherited project

I have a Ruby/Rails project I inherited. It’s a private github repo, and it’s hooked up to CircleCI in such a way that github won’t merge til the required CircleCI tests pass. That’s fine, but when I create a pull request, I only get “ci/circleci — Waiting for status to be reported” and that never changes (I waited all weekend). I’m not sure where to look for log files, or what might be going wrong. I’m new to CircleCI. Any help? The last item I see in my circleci dashboard is months ago, so it’s almost like it’s not seeing the new pull request.

BTW, the circle.yml just sets the machine timezone, nothing else, nothing fancy.

I wonder if something got messed up in the transfer. Can you try to reset the hooks in the projects by doing the following:

  1. Remove all CircleCI webhooks and services from your GitHub repo settings.
  2. Unfollow the project on CircleCI through “Project settings”.
  3. Re-follow the project on CircleCI.

Let me know if this still does not work for you.