Github status won't update after build completes

We ran into this issue where a CircleCI build will complete but it still says “CircleCI is running your tests” on Github. Refreshing the Github page doesn’t help. Rerunning the build will temporarily fix the problem, but eventually the commit’s status will go back to “CircleCI is running your tests.”

This is a particularly disruptive problem because some of our repositories have guards that will block you from merging to master until the CircleCI build passes. If the status is wrong, we can’t merge.


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We’re encountering the same disconnect: after CircleCI finishes a build, the status in GitHub is not updated. We don’t have the guards mentioned by the OP, but it’s disruptive nonetheless as it requires context switching to know if the build passed (or failed) prior to merging the PR.

+1 to this.

Our engineers are on it.


Thanks for posting. We are also having the same issue and it’s blocking us, please keep us up to date

We’re seeing the same issue here. Are any updates available?

We’re still working on it. It’s our absolute top priority right now.

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This has been resolved.


Do we need to rebuild affected builds, or will they resolve themselves?

You should issue rebuilds for any impacted builds.

I know that you said this is fixed, but we are still seeing this issue. I just re-ran a build on Circle 2.0 and after the build passed, the GitHub status still is pending.

On old builds or new builds?

This is from a PR that was created before you reported fixing the issue, but even after hitting “rebuild” after the fix it does not report the status.

We just reverted all changes and this should be fully resolved. Do you still see any inconsistencies?

Looks like it’s working now. Thanks!

Hey, when using workflows in CircleCI 2.0 my team is having the exact same issue as listed above as I also mention in this issue I submitted here: Github PR overall status check not reporting with workflows

similarly we have guards on our PRs so it’s really disruptive

Me too. I think I figured out why this was occurring on my setup though…

I converted one of my projects to a workflow and was testing the full CI pipeline without branch filtering initially. This resulted in three jobs running (test and build running in parallel, deploy running after both were complete). This worked wonderfully, but when I enabled branch filtering on that still-open PR, only the test job ran and the PR was stuck in this “waiting for CircleCI status” limbo forever. I forcefully merged as an admin though and the merge commit behaved as expected.

I think CircleCI resets all statuses on a PR when it’s rerun, which causes any now-filtered statuses to hang forever in a “stuck” state since those jobs actually don’t run anymore (due to filtering all branches except master, for example.)

I’m not certain about this but it makes sense.

Happened to me right now as well, couldn’t merge a bunch of PRs because of that. What me and my team did to circumvent the problem was to add only the workflows’ steps, see .
But yeah, please fix it since it would’ve been nice to have everything ready without any admin intervention.

This is happening for me now and needs a immediate fix in circle ci 2.0. We have GitHub protected branches so it is causing disruption for us. Please fix this.