Builds are not run for updates to Github PR


currently our builds are not properly run when we push an update to a PR. I haven’t looked for new PR yet.
Such an example is

The error I see from the interface is

Your build was not run - reason code (:github-failure).
An error occurred while fetching information about this build from GitHub.

I can trigger a manual rebuild and in that case it works fine. For example worked fine from a retrigger.

Thanks for your help !

I’m experiencing a similar situation - builds are not run when people push further commits to a PR. Restarting the build manually makes everything work.
For example: (not run) (not run, restarted, succeeded)

I’ve noticed these failures occurring randomly about a month ago, but they are more and more common these past few days.

Is there anything I can do, or is it entirely between GitHub and CircleCI?


One of our engineers just deployed a fix for this, can you please open a ticket if you are still seeing this?

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We’ve rolled out another update that should fully resolve this issue. You’ll need to make a new commit (rather than a rebuild) for the update to take effect.