December Hack with Angel - Get help with your project!

Hello, friends!

Do you need help with a CircleCI project? Would you like a friend to help you set up your project in CircleCI? Our friend @punkdata is going to help someone solve their problems (at least, coding problems :stuck_out_tongue:) on a livestream later this month.

The projects don’t have to be CircleCI specific! We want to help you build great things, and this is a chance for us to work together. Reply with some details about your project, and we’ll pick someone to livestream with Angel (and maybe even me!).

Please include:

  • Technology stack
  • Goal of the project
  • Link to the code repo

Excited to hack with some community members on some things. Anyone have some ideas or need help with something or want to learn something together? I’m down to do some whatever.


Yes, I need help. I want to set up a trade store, but I don’t know if there is any help

Hi @Safir10! Can you give us a little more detail about what you’re working on?