Configurations Wanted for Improvement Tips!

Hello all! To help celebrate Hacktoberfest, we are working on a live stream for next week. To help us prepare, we would like you, the community and users of CircleCI, to submit your project’s CircleCI configuration file for a live review on our Twitch and YouTube channel next week! You will have until October 12th, to submit your configuration here. We will then review submissions and live stream our review on October 15th. Links to your pipeline or project page within CircleCI is also very helpful, so we can get a better sense of what things look like in motion.

We will only be reviewing CircleCI configuration. We will not review your codebase or help troubleshoot why code-related tests are failing.

Feedback will take place during the livestream, and we will provide timestamps afterwards for when we review your configuration.

Submit your configuration here!

Looking forward to seeing your configurations!