CircleCI Docs Are Now Open-Sourced!



Hey guys,

In case anyone hasn’t heard, earlier this week we’ve open-sourced CircleCI’s documentation. Docs are now in a dedicated, Jekyll-based GitHub repository:

We’re excited because we’re hoping this encourages the Circle Community to contribute guides based on their own experiences and favorite integrations. This also helps reduce the turnaround time when docs need to be corrected.

Feel free to discuss this change here, open an issue on docs when you discover a problem, or fork the repo to submit new docs and fixes.

Thanks so much,
Ricardo N Feliciano


Do you think it would make sense to add a Documentation category to Discuss?


Not really. I would so much more prefer if people used GitHub Issues. Some cool CircleCI Docs <-> CircleCI Discuss Integration would be cool. Just can’t think of anything useful right now.


I agree with you, GH Issues seems like a better place to discuss (no pun intended) docs.


Yes, they are, but do you check pull requests from people?
there are PR since Nov 28, 2016


Very true. The November PR is from a CircleCI employee which is still a work-in-progress hence the PR prefixed with [WIP]. The October PR, which is even older, is waiting for feedback from the author. There’s a merge conflict there.

We’re constantly trying to get better however and when the open Issues hit 101 (wayyy too many), I made it a priority to start reviewing at least 20 of them regularly. 2017 will see the open Issues go down. =)