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Hey there, do you have (or know of) a project that uses the CircleCI API? Great! We’re looking to get together as many of these API projects as possible in order to share them with the wider CircleCI community, and perhaps work together on improving them.

Sharing your project

To share your project, please post the following:

  • project name
  • language
  • a summary of what it does
  • why you made it (optional)


Project Integration Point Multiple CI Providers Link
CCMenu macOS Any that has the cctray XML feed link
Circle Target Branch Check GitHub no link

Does the project status polling endpoints count as part of the CircleCI API?

If so, does CCMenu (disclaimer: not built by me) count as a project that uses the CircleCI API?

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Once API starts to support Workflows I would submit ton of examples how it can be utilized.

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I built this target branch checker in Clojure. It runs on Heroku and adds a new status check to Github PRs indicating the CircleCI build status of the PRs base branch.

I made this to help team members know when a PRs base branch (usually master) is currently ‘broken’ so they can hold off merging into it until it gets fixed.


Keep them coming. :slight_smile: I’m placing them in a table in my original post.

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Hi everybody!

I can’t share the link to the project because it’s on a private repository of the company, but we’re using the Circle CI API to fire deploy builds.

We have turned on the “Build only PRs” setting, and we also configured a GitHub webhook (our project) to listen all push events to all branches. When a push event against a whitelisted branch (those branches where we want to create new releases) contains a [ci deploy] message, we fire a new build through the API.

It’s built in NodeJS.


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That sounds like something that other customers may find useful. Is there any chance of open-sourcing that into a seperate repo, or is it currently too tightly coupled to your project?

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Thanks for your answer!

Actually this project is a workaround because we’re not able to setup Circle to Build only PRs and run for the default branch and also for some specific branches. I think that the best option is to enable some way to run on specific branches from the .YML.

it’s not possible at least in the short term making this project open source, sorry.



Understood. I’m glad you were able to find a wordaround using the API. :slight_smile:

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