Thank You Friends & Contributors, the CircleCI Community

In the U.S. we’re approaching Thanksgiving, a holiday where we’re supposed to give thanks for everything we have.

I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone here who’s part of the CircleCI Community in any way.

Thank you to the people on this forum who help others with their issues (and a shout out to @halfer). Thank you to everyone who’s contributed PRs to CircleCI Docs (big or small) and made it a better resource for everyone.

CircleCI has launched the big 2.0 platform last year and this year was Orbs. These integral pieces are going to make CircleCI an amazing platform that gets even better moving forward.

I’m thankful we have an audience to create tools for and to enable you all to create the software that powers the world.


Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving :sun_with_face: (from a :cloud_with_rain: UK).


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