Sept 18 - Recent outages

Hi everyone,

Within the last two weeks, my team and I have noticed many service degredations / outages on CircleCI, mainly related to provisioning VMs at the start of a job.
This grinds our continuous deployment o a halt - luckily we can run all of our build/test/deploy programs locally, but it is a frustrating issue for the development team.

Is there any insight or support that can be shared for dealing with this? I’m curious to see what’s going on because I think the last few service degradation have all been related to this one issue. I love using CircleCI as a product; I’m hoping we get some clarity and this get’s resolved soon.

Appreciate any comments or feedback.


There were outages tomorrow? :scream:

Hello Zahid,

If this is a major concern for you, perhaps you can create a little script to parse and start your job only if everything is green? ( I am sure Circleci is already working hard every day to fix issues. )

Ha, on a total guess, I wondered if there was a machine readable version, and it turns out there is. Woop! :smile:


Or, you can use Gmail API to parse your Gmail inbox to see if there are new CircleCI outage emails assuming CircleCI email notification is working consistently.

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