CircleCi GitLab connector test

I have been playing around with circleci / gitlab-single-org-connector · GitLab to integrate circleci with my GitLab instance. I have the setup ready but when I try to send a push event, I get the error {"message":"User is not authorized to supply custom config."} from the circleCI API.

Does anyone have any experience with this error?

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As one of the original contributors, I am hoping @conormcd can shed some possible light on this, and if it’s still valid

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Hi @rajatkuthiala. That piece of software was mostly a proof of concept inside of CircleCI. The reason you’re seeing that error message is because circleci / gitlab-single-org-connector · GitLab requires a custom token type and for additional internal feature flags to be set. Future support for using GitLab with CircleCI will not use gitlab-single-org-connector so it won’t need those additional tweaks to make it work.

At this time there is no supported way to use GitLab with CircleCI. When we release GitLab support we’ll be sure to announce it pretty widely!


Thanks for the info @conormcd .