GitHub App & GitLab intergration need to be improved

I moved some projects from GitHub to GitLab recently, and due to GitLab CI compute minutes being limited to 400 minutes, I started using Circle CI.

I do notice the login process is a bit different, it’s asking me to sign in via email, compared to GitHub OAuth login (I have a Circle CI account before), according to docs, Circle CI is moving away from GitHub OAuth login.

I started writing my CI config file, and it works great. Still, today I’m searching how to create a status badge, and I noticed something is going wrong with GitLab integration, there is no “Free and open source” toggle in my project settings where it could be found on older projects using the traditional GitHub OAuth app.

I looked up Circle CI docs and found out there is a bit a BUNCH of features missing on the new integration method, which includes the following essential features for me:

  • Stop building (I can only unfollow projects that stop it from running)
  • Free and open source setting

For the GitHub app, there is even more feature missing:

  • Manual trigger pipeline option
  • Scheduled pipelines
  • Re-install GitHub App

I don’t know why Circle CI is changing this, as those integrations seem not ready to be pushed to production.

Since this change is very new (2023 August), the Circle CI team might still work on it, but as a user, I don’t really think its a great move.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m the product manager who owns our GitLab & GitHub App integration mechanisms. The motivator for moving to GitHub App as the integration mechanism between CircleCI & GitHub is security (outlined in the first paragraph here).

GitHub Apps provide fine-grained permissions, use short-lived tokens, and gives users more control over which repositories CircleCI has access to.

Over the next several months, we will be gradually adding more functionality to the GitLab & GitHub App integrations such as the Free & Open Source setting and the manual pipeline trigger that you called out. Despite these features not being available yet, we wanted to ensure that users are leveraging the most secure integration mechanism possible. Feel free to reach out with any additional feedback/concerns at

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