GitLab support is now available! 🎉

GitLab teams, welcome to CircleCI!

Today we are pleased to announce GitLab support on CircleCI. Teams using GitLab SaaS can now build, test, and deploy on CircleCI, and access CircleCI’s most popular features like Docker layer caching and automatic test-splitting. GitLab is now the third version control system we support, in addition to GitHub and Bitbucket.

This release means that teams can now connect a new or existing CircleCI account to a repo stored on GitLab. When code changes in your GitLab repo, you can kick off build, test, and deploy pipelines in CircleCI automatically. Run your pipelines with industry-leading speed and the largest array of resource classes anywhere – powerful features that come built-in with CircleCI.

Check out the documentation for more details about the integration and for step-by-step instructions to add a new organization that’s connected to a GitLab repo to your existing CircleCI account.

i am new to circleci,but i like it very much.i get some confused about the login.
why gitlab login not like github and bitbuket, why it have “permission matrix”?what make the difference?