🎺 GitLab self-managed support on CircleCI is now here! 🎉

CircleCI now supports GitLab SaaS and self-managed!

Today, we’re announcing upgrades to our GitLab integration with support for GitLab self-managed, which means you can now trigger pipelines directly from your GitLab repos! Developers who use GitLab self-managed as their repository can now connect to CircleCI to trigger pipelines.

It’s the fastest CI/CD with the most powerful resource classes, plus the insights that you can’t get anywhere else, now with support for GitLab SaaS and self-managed.

Read the docs and get started now!

If your self-managed instance is behind a firewall, it is possible to use CircleCI with a couple of caveats.

  1. You must add CircleCI’s "core IPs" to your firewall’s allowlist
  2. If using the Docker executor, you must either use the ip_ranges feature in the definition of each CI job OR use a self-hosted container runner. Note: ip_ranges incurs a charge of 450 credits/GB of network data transferred, monitor the costs with the Network tab & Plan Usage page.
  3. If you are using a macOS executor, add CircleCI’s macOS IP addresses to your firewall’s allowlist. There is no network transfer costs for macOS executor jobs.

This blog walks through steps 1-3 from above in detail.

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