[ci skip] being ignored (possibly just in BitBucket)

I’ve recently moved over to using BitBucket. I’ve recently pushed a couple of commits, in different repos with [CI SKIP] and [ci skip] at the end of the commit message and they are being built.

I last used it about a week ago on a GitHub and that seemed to behave as expected (ie, not build). I don’t have access to the GitHub account any more so I can’t prove if this is system-wide or just on BitBucket repos.

As you can see below, the commit message contains [ci skip], so it’s not me being stupid.


We can definitely look into this for you. Can you PM me the build url please so we can take a look?


Just sent it now

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Thank you so much for reporting this issue. We have filed a bug on our side. We will reach out to you once it is fixed.

No probs. Does it look BitBucket related?

Yes, this issue is only for Bitbucket projects.

This now appears to have been fixed. Thanks