Wrong Git commit message being displayed and it skips the build

Hello. We are having some issues with CircleCI showing the wrong commit message (and sometimes skips the build). It is the issue as this: Wrong Git commit message being displayed, but the author didn’t follow up…

I made a StackOverflow post about it since new users can’t add more than 1 image per post.

Any help is really appreciated.

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Hello @olereidar,

Are these commits part of a pull request by chance? This type of issue may be best diagnosed as part of a support ticket so we can better investigate. Please do not hesitate to contact us in support.

Hi @KyleTryon, thanks for replying.
The commits are not part of a pull request. It is a new branch made with git checkout -b newbranch.
I’ll check out the possibilities for support in our team.

@KyleTryon We’re having the same issue. Commit message shown in CCI build is not latest but the one prior. This is confusing development. Any resolution?

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@joshuaf I’m currently in support with @KyleTryon. I’ll keep you posted.

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@joshuaf The issue has been reported and there will be a fix for it in the future. We don’t have an ETA yet, but I can notify you when its fixed.

In my case, it looks like a simple case of the git commits being displayed in the reverse order. I expect that the latest commit to be on top and the oldest to be at the bottom. It’s currently displayed in reverse.

This has been quite annoying for us. We have for instance a situation where the workflow is skipped due to the 5th merged commit message having a ci-skip (but not the head).

Any ETA update on this one? @olereidar

Hi @jsbed,

We are still looking into this, I’ve bumped the issue with our engineers and will touch back when I have an update

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@jsbed @KyleTryon Got any updates on this?

It is in the Next Up queue but I do not have a timeline for where this stands related to other higher priority work in that same queue. We will let you know when it’s resolved.

Hey @drazisil is there any public board to follow up this or other issues to be delivered?


Hi Wellington. Our internal tracker isn’t public, so I don’t have a place to direct you. It’s near the top of that team’s backlog so I hope for soon, but I don’t want to commit to any timeline I don’t have control over.

thanks for your reply

I think this is now fixed - at least for me. Can we confirm?

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It is, thanks for asking. I’m sorry I forgot to report back here when the bug was closed.

I still see the same issue. It’s pointing to the initial commit and there were 3 proceeding that. Actually, this only happens if I run build via CircleCI :frowning_face:. If I do a git pull then it finds the latest commit.:grinning:

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