Wrong Git commit message being displayed

Our CircleCI builds don’t seem to be showing the correct Git commit message. For example, we see the following Git commit message when looking at the list of builds:

but this doesn’t match the most recent commit in our git log:


and it also doesn’t match what is showing on the individual build view:


Am I missing something, or is this going a bit wrong?



I think we need a bit more info, can you share your config?

I’m having the same issue as Tim. It seems to be always displaying the previous commit message. Any resolution on this issue?

I’m expecting that the actual (latest) commit message will be displayed with build.
That is not the case. CircleCI is displaying the oldest message which can be seen in build details.
I’m using BitBucket
Cheers Pavel

Hi @langpavel Thank you for that additional information.

Can you please open a ticket with an example build details URL so we can attach it to the bug report?

The same issue here. Because of this bug we were unable to detect that CircleCI builds merge commits. Sent a message to support with some details.

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The issue may also be caused by force push.

@KyleTryon replied to me in support email that they are working on a fix.


I’ve got the message that this is fixed. ) I can confirm this is fixed for merges without prior force pushes. Should be fixed for force pushes as well.

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