Squash commit PR with commit messages with [skip ci] cause entire build to skip

I recently merged a PR https://github.com/PinsterTeam/ImageService/pull/22 in which the merge commit message had commit messages that had skipped CI builds. This caused the entire build to skip. It was supposed to be my push to production and without the ability to manually build I have to now make another PR just to get my code to deploy. This behavior is really irritating.

The expected behavior would be that in order for a build to skip [sip ci] would have to be the first text in the commit message.

Hi @scytherswings You are correct, if any commit includes [skip ci], all commits in the push will be skipped. To override this, you can rerun the build and this will ignore all [skip ci] tags. More on skipping builds can be found on this doc.

Thanks for the information. Do you believe this logic is expected behavior by other users? I found it surprising since any skipped CI will cause any merge with commit message history to not build. This makes using [skip ci] much more irritating than it is worth.

@scytherswings I’m not sure how other users expect [skip ci] to function, but this is the expected behavior by CircleCI. If you have a minute, could you add your use case of [skip ci] to our Ideas page, with the expected behavior? Our product team monitors this for new and improved feature ideas, and they update ideas that will be implemented in the future.

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