[skip ci] doesn't always skip build


(edited to add more detail) (also edited to change to a Bug report)

We’ve noticed that having [skip ci] in the Github commit message does not always skip the build. We’ve noticed this several times in the last week - it had been working well for several months before that. Haven’t noticed a pattern about when it does or doesn’t work.

We see this on our master branch (we don’t typically use [skip ci] on feature branches, so I don’t know if this happens there, too). We’ve seen this behavior on direct checkins to master and on merges to master.

I’m not including the config file or build messages - since the expected behavior is that the build doesn’t even trigger if [skip ci] is in the git commit message.


This is probably too brief to attract answers. Readers may answer if they can see your config file and/or any relevant build messages. I wonder if branch info would be useful as well i.e. is this on your master or a feature branch?

Would you edit your question?


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