Build triggered from API cancelled if last commit contains [skip ci]

When triggering a build using the API call to build on branch, the build is not triggered when the last commit of my branch contains [skip ci].

I’ve got this in the response of my API call:


  "status" : "not_run",
  "committer_name" : "Jean",
  "retries" : null,
  "subject" : "[skip ci] Update version to 0.1.8",
  "vcs_type" : "github",
  "timedout" : false,
  "dont_build" : "ci-skip",


  "messages" : [ {
    "type" : "warning",
    "message" : "Your build was not run - reason code (:ci-skip)."

  } ],


I thought that the [skip ci] would only skip the build when it was triggered by a github / bitbucket hook. From what I remember, we did not have this issue the last time I checked (about 2 to 3 weeks ago).
Could it possibly linked to the fix that has been made in response to this issue ?

In our case, when we update a project on which others are dependent we trigger builds going up the dependency chain. Most of the times on our master branches the last commit was a version bump commit from the previous build, so this issue stops our CI at each step of the dependency tree.

Is there a way to force the build with the API even when the HEAD of the branch we’re building has the [skip ci] message?

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This issue has been reported since more than 7 months. Is there any update on this?
I have the same problem on my side and it takes me a lot of my time to go manually to trigger each of my builds.

Do you have a workaround?

Thanks in advance

@CircleCI-Employees Can we at least get an answer?