Announcing a more secure team member signup experience

As phase one of an ongoing effort to add more role-based access controls and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or malicious activities within our system, we’re updating the process for adding new team members to join your CircleCI organization.

*If you are in an org that connects to GitHub or BitBucket via OAuth and have been adding new users via the sign up page, moving forward you’ll need to instead generate an invite link for new users.

For the time being, the experience may be slightly different depending on how your CircleCI organization is connected to your VCS. If you are a member of multiple organizations, the process will be different for CircleCI accounts authenticated through the OAuth app.

Organizations connecting to GitHub or Bitbucket via OAuth app

New users must have an invitation from an existing organization member.

How to invite team members (see the docs)

  1. All existing org members can go to a Project page, and click Add team members.

  2. In the modal that appears, click Invite my team.
    This will copy and paste an invitation link to your clipboard.

  3. Send this sign up link to your new team members.

Our goal is to streamline this experience in the near future, with increased flexibility and fine-grained access controls for all of your CircleCI organizations.

Organizations connecting to GitHub via GitHub Apps or to GitLab

We’ve automated how this organization can add team members to CircleCI.

Organization admins can manage access directly in CircleCI, invite multiple people at a time, and assign roles.

How to invite team members (see the docs)

  1. Only organization admins can invite new users.
  2. In CircleCI, go to Organization Settings > People.
  3. Click the blue Invite button.
  4. Once invited, new team members will receive an email with instructions to join CircleCI.

For organizations connecting to GitHub or Bitbucket via OAuth app

Alternatively, to craft a custom invite link for your organization, follow these steps:

  1. In the CircleCI web app, go to Organization Settings > Overview and copy your Organization ID.

  2. Incorporate your Organization ID and VCS (either GitHub or Bitbucket) into the invitation link using the following format:[your-organization-id]&vcsType=[github-or-bitbucket]

  3. Send this sign-up link to new team members to join your organization.