Workflow Status page not updated when jobs complete

If I start on the workflow page, then I click on one of the jobs to go into the details of that job.
I can navigate back to the workflows page by clicking on the text “Workflow: build_test_deploy” which brings me back to the original workflows page.

Problem: The UI never updates on the workflows page to show me the status updates as the jobs complete.

Reloading the browser appears to be the only recourse to update this page.

My CI builds have workflows with 3 jobs.
The jobs are dependent, such that Job one completes, then job 2 starts, then finishes, then job 3 after that.

If I go to the workflows page, and DON’T navigate to the individual Job page, and back, the status updates DO work properly. It is only if I navigate away/back that this seems to break.

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