Workflow Checking Showing as Neutral on GitHub Checks

Recently we’ve run into the issue that our workflow, named ci, is showing as neutral (grey rounded rect) in GitHub Checks immediately after a new “build” is started.

It used to switch to a pending state (orange circle) and then either a red x or green check.

The real functional issue is that it appears when in the neutral state, GitHub is allowing a PR to be merged, where it should really require success.

Is there some sort of change that occurred about two days ago?

I did find that we could turn on “GitHub Status Updates” in “Advanced Settings” of the project in CircleCI. However, this results in every job showing up in GitHub checks, and requires us to add any new jobs to the required checks in Branch Protection feature of GitHub. Previously we were just able to specify the workflow name in the required checks, and everything “just worked”.


Here is a visual example of the neutral status:

And here is a visual of the runnings jobs after I enabled “GitHub Status Updates”:

We are facing the same issue

We are also seeing this as well. Even though we have our CircleCI check marked as required, the “neutral” state doesn’t block merge.

I’ve also observed this.
From my reading of the github API docs for ‘checks’, the ‘neutral’ status is meant to be a terminal state.

Tooling in general also seems to assume ‘neutral’ means ‘check skipped, but still okay to merge’, including bors-ng and the github merge button.

It seems like a bug to set ‘neutral’ for any CircleCI check that still has work left to do.

I’ve sent an official support request in to CircleCI to look into this issue.

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Thank you for posting! This behavior is not intentional, and we’ve been able to reproduce it internally. We’re reaching out to GitHub to figure out what’s going on, and we will be posting updates when we know more.


Hi All,

I just wanted to follow up on this. We’ve pushed a fix on our end and the issue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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