Circle CI Status Ignoring Github Branch Protection Rules

I have branch protection settings for the master branch set to:

  • WIP
  • ci/circleci: build_and_test

Everything else is unchecked. However, whatever I do on this page seems to be ignored, and it just waits for the status of the whole Circle CI workflow, including optional approval jobs before Pull Requests (for branch to merge to master) go green.

The issue has been going on for weeks now but can’t seem to resolve it, new PRs and old PRs both have this problem.

I am an Administrator for this repo so I can override the merges anyway, but others can’t, so I need to be able to get the status working correctly.

Example Pull request:

I hope you can help.

Many thanks, J

CircleCI reports status for all jobs. Github waits for any status that is pending to turn the button green. A non-green button does not mean that it cannot be merged. In this case, as long as build_and_test passes GitHub will enable the button.

Sadly GitHub doesn’t let you “make the button green” or ignore other statuses and CircleCI doesn’t let you selectively not report statuses.

That said this is simply a question of a green button so it shouldn’t really block you from merging. Let me know if you are seeing different behavior :slight_smile:

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Thanks Roopakv, much appreciated - at least no I know it can’t be done. Also good to know that non-admins should still be able to merge.

It’s also an issue of confidence for the team so if there is any workaround that you or anyone knows of then please let me know. e.g. On the config.yaml or something, adjusting workflows or anything that could work then I’ll be happy to give it a go.

Thanks again.

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