Pull request checks on github are stuck in "in progress", because of type: approval step



If you have a job in your workflow, with type: approval, it will cause every pull request to receive a yellow “in progress” mark. Is there any way to filter out the approval step, so that pull requests could receive the green checkmark, if the other jobs in the workflow complete successfully?

I have tried fiddling with the protected branches/workflow jobs setting, so that it only includes the relevant jobs, but that did not help, my pull requests are still stuck in pending.


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i had a similar issue when i did not set up separate workflows based on the branch that is being built. on the workflow that you have the approval step, i would try using a filters value and have it only run when building a certain branch, such as smoke branch or a QA- branch.

  - build:
            - smoke
            - /QA.*/