Workflows with optional "approval" jobs don't appear as successful in github or circleci

I’ve added extra steps to optionally deploy a branch build to our staging environment, but we don’t want this for every PR. Due to this, however, the PR visually remains in a “pending” build state with a yellow circle instead of a green check mark.

Is there some way I can achieve push-button deploys from the interface for branches without interfering with the visual feedback showing that a branch built successfully? Some way to mark the jobs as “optional” or something?

The issue also impacts the workflows view in circleci itself, with all of my workflow builds appearing as pending instead of successful.


Heya! A bit of a necrobump, but did you ever manage to resolve this issue?
I also have an optional deploy button in every PR commit, but I want the workflow to “succeed” if all tests pass.

Here is an example of a case where a succesful commit will never show as “succeeded” and instead always remains “pending” until you deploy (even if you don’t want to).

Did anyone find a way to make them optional to be required and passed? I happen to encounter similar needs. It’s pretty annoying to have PR pending in yellow dot, while there’s a green checkmark we can use

@reydi I’ve spoken with CircleCI customer support, but they basically said “it’s a feature, not a bug”.
For the time being, we’ve just accepted this situation; mostly yellow “pending” for our commits instead of green checks.