Show build as green in github without approve/deploy step

Hello friends,
We are trying to build a circleci configuration that does these things:

  • builds, lints, and tests, and shows the build as green in github
  • builds a docker image and deploys to aws ecs, on manual approval

I’ve built a single circleci workflow that does both of those things. But since it’s a single workflow, it shows as pink (waiting for approval) in circleci, and incomplete in github.

I’d like to change my configuration to two workflows, so that the build shows green for commits that pass all tests, and then someone can manually approve if it’s a build that we want deployed to ECS. But when I have built two workflows, one is green and the other isn’t (since it isn’t deployed) - and it still shows as incomplete (yellow) in github.

The goal is to only conditionally deploy things, but get github to show green if the tests pass.

Has anyone solved a similar problem?

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