Windows 2022 machine executors hanging 22.2.2023

Has anyone else noticed that Windows 2022 executors do not seem to run properly today? They end up for hours in “preparing the environment” and with a queued status.

Reason I am asking here is that when opening a ticket I got a very polite, but certainly unexpected, automated email back telling me between the lines that I should not expect anyone to do anything on the free support tier.

While I understand people having to adjust their business models and all that, I do object to CircleCI wanting me to pay for the privilege of reporting issues affecting their infrastructure.

Hi @kajtzu,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

The current tag currently points to an image that is not provisioning correctly. Due to this, builds are stuck in a preparing state.

We are working on a fix for this, but my recommendation to unblock you would be to pin the Windows image used in your job to a specific tag (with the date). There are a list of available tags here:

Here is a sample of how to change the default image:

    name: win/default
    size: medium
    version: 2022.08.1

More information on the Windows orb can be found here as well:

I will relay the same information to your ticket. Please let me know if you have any further questions, and I am happy to help.

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Thanks for the response - I confirm Win 2022 executor works by setting version 2022.10.1 (and 2022.09.1 and 2022.08.1 which was in the example you pasted).


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