Windows Server 2022 October ‘23 Image Published

The July 2023 snapshot of the Windows Server 2022 image has been published. The new edge tag, edge is available immediately and will be upgraded to current early next week.

In CircleCI config, you can specify the image directly:

  image: "windows-server-2022-gui:2023.10.1"

or by using the Windows orb:

  win: circleci/windows@5.0
      name: win/server-2022
      version: 2023.10.1
7zip.portable 23.1.0
awscli 2.13.23
azure-cli 2.53.0
docker-engine 24.0.6
git 2.42.0
git-lfs 3.4.0
golang 1.21.1
gzip 1.3.12
jq 1.7.0
miniconda3 4.12.0
nano 7.2.36
nunit-console-runner 3.16.3
openjdk 21.0.0
python3 3.11.6
python311 3.11.6
rust 1.72.0
service-fabric 9.1.1583
service-fabric-sdk 6.1.1583
sysinternals 2023.9.29
visualstudio2022buildtools 117.7.4
webpi 5.1.0
winappdriver 1.2.1

Hi, is it possible to get Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects 2022 extension added to the Windows Server 2022 image?

Marketplace Name = VisualStudioClient.MicrosoftVisualStudio2022InstallerProjects

Hi @jeremy-marcus there is a canny post here that you can upvote for us to track how much that addition is wanted in the image. At the moment, we don’t have any plans to add that extension.