Windows Server 2022 September ‘23 GA Image Published

The September '23 snapshot of the Windows Server 2022 image has been published to current. This image is available under the current and 2023.09.1 tags

In CircleCI config, you can specify the image directly:

  image: "windows-server-2022-gui:2023.09.1"

or by using the Windows orb:

  win: circleci/windows@5.0
      name: win/server-2022
      version: "current"

Bug Fixes:

  • Jobs using attach workspace were experiencing long attach times around 5x-6x longer than before. This was due to an upstream issue with an updated version of git. The version was thus downgraded from 2.41 → 2.40 and should significantly alleviate the delay
  • Some users may have noticed a user other than circleci, with variable $HOME, $USERPROFILE, $CIRCLE_WORKING_DIRECTORY values along with their %FOO% equivalents. This has been fixed and builds should be noticeably more deterministic as a result when comparing images from previous months


Please comment on this thread if there are any issues.

Additionally, the team respins images (push an update, update software, release a new image) for a specific tag extremely rarely to help drive deterministic builds

Notable software versions:

7zip.portable 23.1.0
awscli 2.13.14
azure-cli 2.51.0
docker-engine 24.0.4
git 2.40.0
git-lfs 3.3.0
golang 1.21.0
gzip 1.3.12
jq 1.6.0
nano 7.2.36
nodejs 20.5.1
nunit-console-runner 3.16.3
openjdk 20.0.2
python3 3.11.5
python311 3.11.5
rust 1.72.0
service-fabric 9.1.1583
service-fabric-sdk 6.1.1583
sysinternals 2023.7.26
visualstudio2022buildtools 117.6.5
webpi 5.1.0
winappdriver 1.2.1