Windows Server 2022 August '23 Image Published

The August 2023 snapshot of the Windows Server 2022 image has been published. This image is available under the current or2023.08.1 tags.

In CircleCI config, you can specify the image directly:

  image: "windows-server-2022-gui:2023.08.1"

or by using the Windows orb:

  win: circleci/windows@5.0
      name: win/server-2022
      version: "current"

Notable software versions:

Main differences to note are:

  • OpenJDK now defaults to 20.0.2, rather than Java 11
  • nvm was updated to 1.1.11, which unlocks the latest versions of node
  • miniconda was removed due to ongoing complications with the upstream package. If there is a need for this, please leave a note


We are aware of an ongoing issue with attaching workspaces that dates back to the 2023.06.1 image from June.

While there may be other factors at play, it is currently believed that this upstream issue, issue 2, is the culprit. If you are affected, it’s recommended to either use the 2023.05.1 image or downgrade git to 2.40

The next release in September will move to git version 2.40.1, in line with the 2023.05.1 image if the upstream issue is not resolved

7zip.portable 23.1.0
awscli 2.13.4
azure-cli 2.50.0
docker-engine 23.0.6
git 2.41.0
git-lfs 3.3.0
golang 1.20.6
gzip 1.3.12
jq 1.6.0
miniconda3 4.12.0
nano 7.2.25
nodejs 20.5.0
nunit-console-runner 3.16.3
openjdk 20.0.2
python3 3.11.4
python311 3.11.4
rust 1.68.0
service-fabric 9.1.1583
service-fabric-sdk 6.1.1583
sysinternals 2023.7.26
visualstudio2022buildtools 117.6.5
webpi 5.1.0
winappdriver 1.2.1

We just gave this a try but we are hitting the issue where attaching workspaces takes significantly longer (from 30-40s to 5-7 minutes) on newer windows images still. We started seeing this with images after windows-server-2022-gui:2023.05.1.

Hi @RunningOstrich - From the images side, we have not significantly changed anything other than minor software updates. However, we do have a team looking into an analysis by image. Stay tuned.