When can we expect the final Xcode 10.2 Image to be released?

If you are on a billing plan that calculate charges based on build minutes consumed, this is by now means a feasible solution, nor acceptable, proposed solution.

In addition to that, representing a company with a short release cycle, it is vital that our build infrastructure continues to support the absolute minimum requirements for us to be able to submit apps to the App Store. Everything else is straight up unacceptable.

Any insights into the roadmap (or issues?) regarding Xcode 10.2 support (and future versions as well) is very much appreciated. I’m sure we are many engineers willing to provide assistance and help testing if needed


Just an innocent bystander. :smiley_cat: I would guess that anyone who feels that a workaround for these problems have excessively reduced their build minutes could send a nice email to support to ask for some extra minutes. It’s worth a try, right?

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Alright, I’m going to be that guy and ask the question everyone’s thinking:

if a customer can get Xcode 10.2 installed and building on an existing VM using a one-page gist in 20 minutes of build time, why does it take two weeks for CircleCI to get a stable VM out?

Even an interim VM where maybe certain features like building/archiving work but others like simulators don’t would be of value if it truly takes CircleCI this long to publish a 100% functional macOS VM.

Edit: FWIW, Bitrise had their Xcode 10.2 VM up on the 26th of March.
Travis CI had their Xcode 10.2 VM up & running on March 29th.
If these guys can do it, why can’t Circle?


I think it’s clear at this point that is not a priority at all for CircleCI. Maybe because the number of customers for which this is important is a minority and thus their engineers need to work on more important areas of their business, If they really wanted to get this update out faster, they would easily be able to.

It’s sad that it doesn’t seem like they understand the business impact that these delays have for their customers and in my company we will have to look into if its a risk we can continue to accept.


@petergp: I hope that if you do find a new CI provider, you do not treat the engineers there with the same contempt and petulance. In your short message, there are at least four passive-aggressive attacks on the people you are referring to, and you do not need me to point out that this is not how to offer criticism constructively.

There is, unfortunately, much more of the same vein above you - plus “likes” to endorse it. You can do better than this, Peter Gammelgaard.

(I’m a user, just like you, urging all engineers on the board to maintain some professional standards. I hold my tongue far too often when I see customers here deliver snark, after snark, after snark. It is exhausting to watch. Some of these will be intended as small emotional injuries, and they can accumulate, and hurt, against the targets they are aimed at.)


@halfer I’m sorry if my messages come off as passive-aggressive towards anyone. This was not my intention so for that I apologise.

For me it’s not so much the exceeded timeframe that frustrates me but also the lack of transparency.

My constructive feedback for how future releases of Xcode should be handled are:
• Within a day (or two) after a new Xcode version is released by Apple an employee of CircleCI could create a single post on the forums with acknowledgement of the new Xcode version and timeframe for when a new image can be expected. This way communication is kept transparent and not spread across the forum. Everyone knows that CircleCI are aware of the new Xcode version and that it will be available ASAP.
• If any delays are to be expected the thread is updated with a new timeframe as soon as it’s known. Again, being transparent towards the customers helps them plan in their end as well. Being upfront about delays before they happen instead of being silent helps keep expectations in sync and removes frustrations.
• Once the the image is available an announcements is posted and the other thread can be closed.


Thank you @petergp, I much appreciate it. :sunny:


Hi, @drazisil could give us a detail in what state we are currently?

“We are working to solve”, I do not find something reassuring and spent so many days


I’m very disappointed by all of this as well. We are loyal CircleCI customers since years, and pay a very significant amount of money every month.

The way this release is handled is just baffling: It’s unacceptable that an update takes more than 2x of the official SLA, and on top of that to not have good communication regarding your delay. If iOS/macOS builds are indeed not a priority to the company anymore as someone above suggested, then we might have to consider switching providers.

I would not only urge you to fix this asap but, even more importantly, to sincerely promise to handle future releases better than this one.



Is this delay related to the issues described in Information on recent Workflow delays or is it a separate issue? Either way, I hope this gets resolved soon. Xcode 10.2 brings Swift 5 (with ABI stability) and is an important release for many of us.

Best wishes, Simon

Hi @skagedal. I think they are separate issues - CircleCI engineers appeared to be unlucky enough to have two sets of unrelated issues in the same week!

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Looks like CircleCI has no idea whatsoever how important this update is. I’m judging by a very bad ratio the issue / communication. Far from a professional approach.

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Thank you all very much for your patience. We will be rolling out Xcode 10.2 between today and tomorrow. We will be rolling it out in place of the 10.2 beta 3 image, so the following config which currently works for 10.2 beta 3 will use Xcode 10.2 once it’s available:

  xcode: 10.2.0

There might be a short period of time when your jobs inconsistently get Xcode 10.2 beta 3 or Xcode 10.2, but that period should be very short.

We will create a separate post and also comment in this post once Xcode 10.2 is released. We will also provide the details on what caused the delay this time and what we are doing to prevent this going forward.

Thank you very much for your patience once again, and please look out for updates between today and tomorrow.


Thank you for the update @alexey. I’m looking forward to learn more about what caused this delay (and for 10.2 GM to be deployed, of course).

Also, I’d like to emphasise @halfer’s message about offering constructive criticism even in frustrating situations, and at the same time apologise for my own (clearly frustrated) reply above. Though the points outlined here are very valid, especially for paying customers, pointing fingers is not going to help the engineering team. However, keeping the community (and customers) updated during the process would have been very helpful and I hope you will consider doing that moving forward.

Please pass on a :raised_hands:t2: to the team @alexey, I’m sure they have worked hard to solve this and their effort is very much appreciated.


I don’t see the forthcoming post announcing that the new 10.2.0 is rolled out. However, my jobs that succeed last night are now failing to set the ruby version. I can only assume I am using the new image.

My error is:

#!/bin/bash --login -o pipefail
chruby ruby-2.5.3
chruby: unknown Ruby: ruby-2.5.3

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is the new image changing the ruby versions supported?

I have confirmed that the image is using Xcode 10.2 (10E125), which is the release build, not the beta 3 build.

I can see now that this image uses ruby-2.5.5. I’ll update my project to use this version.

Thanks a lot for your patience here. We’ve just enabled the Xcode 10.2 image. You can find the announcement with the details of the software, plus the details on the cause of the delay, in this post:

Thanks for your work :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to change your documentation about the 10.2 build as it’s not up to date (10P99q build number, 10.1 command line tools).

Source: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/testing-ios/

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