We're going to have a LOT of build projects - how can I visualize?

We’re a microservice architecture, with one build for each microservice. We’ve only got 22 now, but expect to have 100+ by the time we get to MVP. My question is:

a) Is there some way I can visualize the health of all of these builds? The current Insights screen isn’t helpful; ideally, I’d like some way to group them by functional area, or team, or developer/owner (or all of those).
b) How are people with large numbers of builds visualizing/managing build health? What don’t I know that I should?

I think most people are doing some custom stuff using our API.

This is an area that CircleCI hopes to improve in the long term related to insights. But for now I think the best bet would be to make some dashboard on your own (to show the things you actually care about) using the REST API: https://circleci.com/docs/api/v1-reference/

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