CircleCI Build Light View

I used Jenkins at my previous job and got used to having a dashboard to quickly assess the health of my pipelines w/ the Build Light View plugin. While Circle provides a form of this, I really missed this particular view and the ability to track a subset of All The Jobs.

So, I built a build light view for CircleCI! At first, it was private, but for Hacktoberfest, I open sourced it so the rest of the community could have it as well. Here’s a link to the repo -

Right now, there are 3 separate ways to deploy your own instance.

  1. Deploy to heroku button (in the readme)
  2. Run w/ Docker
  3. Run locally by cloning, installing the dependencies and running the start or start:prod task.

You have the option of having this sit behind an Auth0 login if you don’t have the ability to limit traffic to it w/ a VPN. There’s an open issue on GitHub to write a tutorial for this if you’d like to contribute to the docs!

I have some plans for the future for this to provide a UI for parameterized jobs (another Jenkins feature I miss) amongst some other things. I hope you find this useful! Any and all feedback is welcome, thanks!


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