Can we have Insights by project?

Is it possible to have Insights metrics for a project and not for each branch of that project?
For example, see queue time for all branches?

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Hi Marionls,

I’m the Lead Product Designer here at CircleCI. Thanks for your feedback.

We’re in the process of doing some design work around Insights as it relates to a Project. So, I think this addresses your question. Right now the work is still in discovery and we’re looking for user feedback if you’re willing to discuss for 45 minutes or so.

I’d love to ask you additional questions about what would make that page more useful. What types of insights are you looking to act upon? Would you want to compare branches to master or your default? etc.

Please let me know if you’re open to some research.


We are definitely interested in giving some feedback.
How should we proceed?

Thank you

@michaelspiegel Are you still looking for feedback? I’ve only been using CircleCI for a short while, but I’d be more than willing to discuss some feedback with you on Insights and others parts.

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