Web UI Not Updating as Builds Finish

Every page needs a hard refresh to get latest information about builds. On a build specific page, I’ll stop getting updates at a certain point and it’ll look like the build got stuck on a step for several minutes (especially because the timers keep counting), and only on a refresh do I see it actually finished minutes ago. Same story for any of the summary pages that show multiple builds - whatever process was keeping those updated without refresh broke a few days ago.

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Multiple people are reporting this. I’m very unhappy about this particular situation.
Where is the quality control!!

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I’ve reported this, too. (Linking for reference.)

Sorry for the delay in responding. This is something we are aware is very annoying, we are investigating and will get it resolved when we can.

We have made some changes and believe this to be resolved. Please let me know if you are still seeing it.

This is apparently still an issue.

Yes it is definitely still an issue.

Let’s try and keep this in one thread, my latest update is here: UI doesn't update when builds start/end/fail - require full page reload