Build never completes in browser while running in browser tab, page needs to be refreshed to see successful build


I’ve noticed a consistent issue with the builds in the new UI. I typically leave a build running in a browser tab and await the tab to turn green so I can deploy the build or take the next steps as needed.

In the old Circle UI, the tab with the running build would turn green and I would know that things were ready. Now, the build stays blue until I open the tab and refresh the page. In other words, the build is complete but the frontend doesn’t know it is until I do a manual page refresh.

I can provide example URLs for where I have seen this, if needed.


Hi @nocarroll,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Could you please confirm the browser/version you’re using?

Which browser extensions do you have installed and enabled?

Hi @yannCI

I’m on Chrome 85.0.4183.10

I have uBlock Origin enabled. Could that be the cause of the issue?


Although it wasn’t the exact same behaviour that you described, we’ve had a couple of reported issues involving that specific extension (uBlock Origin).

I’d suggest disabling it to confirm/rule out the cause.

Let me know what the outcome is.


Great, I will see if that has any effect and follow up here.

Thanks for the help.

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